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Progress and improvement in Flemington is not possible without residents and other stakeholders having trust in their elected officials. Betsy, Chris and Caitlin want to improve the lives of everyone in Flemington. That is our motivation for running and why we will always be upfront and frank in discussions regarding Flemington, even if we disagree on the specific issues or methods.

Quality of Life

Local government should make our lives easier. This includes improving services and infrastructure, but also ensuring the appropriate balance of business offerings, taking care of our public spaces, and proper signage throughout town.

Reasonable Development

Development, particularly on Main Street, is essential for a successful and vibrant Flemington. The failure of former Councils has caused Flemington to lose millions of dollars in taxes and economic activity. In order to ensure that development in Flemington is the right fit and sustainable, we must capitalize on the assets that are already here in Flemington, enhancing and building on the character, history, and community that makes Flemington great.

Fiscal Sustainability

The fiscal challenges that Flemington faces are real and cannot continue to be put off for future years. We must responsibly plan for large budget items while also diligently looking for ways to reduce the tax burden on residents through responsible expense reduction wherever possible.

Environmental Responsibility

One of the biggest ways to minimize future economic strains to Flemington is to make responsible decisions now, particularly around environmental resources. Composting and keeping resources local benefits residents and also serves to better preserve resources for the future. Stretching the capacity of our infrastructure may appear to ease the pain in the short term, but results in increased public health concerns, flooding, and financial demands in the future.


Information about how decisions are made should be easy for residents to find and learn from. Meetings should be open and accessible to all. In order to build trust and community engagement, transparency is essential. We welcome all resident questions and suggestions, because these are essential for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making

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