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Experience You Can Trust by Chris Runion

Government today has become crowded with career politicians that more often than not tell us one thing during an election cycle only to do another when in office. This familiar story is in part responsible for much of the political indifference and apathy experienced across the nation. But our democratic form of government was never meant for career politicians as we know them today…

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Voters Will Determine Flemington’s Destiny by Chris Runion

Residents of Flemington will have a unique opportunity in November to decide both the history and future of Flemington. And the question we have to decide upon is this: Will we demolish our history to make way for 100-foot-tall modern development complexes, or will we seek to repurpose and reinvent our historic structures and revitalize the second largest historic district in the state? Unlike John Giotis in a recent letter to the editor, I believe that demographics will not determine our future; instead, the voters will and the decision makers they elect.

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While You Weren’t Paying Attention… by Betsy Driver

How distracted have we become?

The Union Hotel and the redevelopment of Main Street has been front and center for the past 10 years.

Meanwhile, the quality of life in the Borough and the every day services residents expect from the town have also fallen while that big building on Main Street sucks up all of our attention.

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The Blame Game: A Who’s Who, Not a What’s What a What’s What by Chris Runion

The future of the Union Hotel has been the talk of the town for years and will undoubtedly continue on through November. Mayor Phil Griener, Councilwoman Brooke Warden, and Councilman Mark Hain have successfully made this single building the problem that is responsible for all other problems in this town: a downtrodden Main Street, empty store fronts, reduced tourism, and higher taxes. I’m confident that if you were really determined you could connect it to each and every pothole in town. But, is the Union Hotel really the cause of problems in Flemington or is it an effect? In what follows, I argue the latter.

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My Thoughts & Questions from Last Night’s Council Meeting by Chris Runion

First, I wanted to thank a local resident for handing me the microphone last night so that I had the opportunity to ask a couple questions. The mayor seemed intent on my not speaking as he signaled to the both of us he wanted the microphone back while I in turn refused. I then had a police officer stand over me as I asked my two questions. Since Facebook seems more tolerant of opposing opinions than our own local government, I thought I would share my thoughts and questions from last night’s event here…

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