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To Flemington Voters: A Final Note by Chris Runion

A Facebook note by Chris Runion, published November 5, 2018 – www.facebook.com/notes/a-better-fit-for-flemington-driver-runion-giles-mccormick/to-flemington-voters-a-final-note/497056504131293/ When I reflect back on these past several months I think about why I...

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Better Basics in Flemington Will Help Move Us Forward by Caitlin Giles-McCormick

I live in Flemington for my family. It is a place where my two young daughters will flourish. Here in Flemington we have committed residents and business owners who have a variety of wonderful talents and passionate interests – all who want Flemington to succeed. We have a rich history full of charm and character along with a calendar packed with community and cultural events.

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The Redeveloper and the First Amendment by Betsy Driver

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to free speech. This applies to everyone. While the 1st Amendment protects people from the government restricting speech – it does not protect private individuals from having their speech restricted on Facebook groups or other places. For instance, no one can enter your private space and start yelling disagreeable things at you just like you can’t yell FIRE! in a movie theater. Only the government can violate your right to free speech.

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Courthouse Square: Getting to the Finish Line by Chris Runion

While I have my concerns regarding the Courthouse Square project on Main Street, I understand that Flemington needs this to succeed. That is why two weeks ago when the financial agreement for the project was before council I thought it best to table that vote. Doing so would have preserved the ability of newly elected officials (and there could be up to four) to reevaluate and negotiate a better deal for Flemington taxpayers. Voting to accept the agreement, as was done, closed doors and opened the possibility of more lawsuits by concerned citizens. This politically motivated vote was only one in a series of short-sighted actions that have left me to conclude that what’s standing in this project’s way are its greatest proponents: Mayor Phil Greiner and Councilpersons Brooke Warden and Marc Hain. The process by which this redevelopment project has reached its present point will ultimately delay the product from perhaps ever reaching Main Street unless there is a change in leadership Nov. 6.

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Our Town, Our Voice, Our Vote by Chris Runion

Less than 3 weeks ago today, a special council meeting, noticed by only 48 hours, was held in borough hall. The mayor and three council people voted to cancel the regularly scheduled council meeting which would have afforded Flemington residents and concerned citizens the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns regarding the Courthouse Square financial agreement prior to tonight’s public hearing.

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