A Facebook note by Chris Runion, published November 5, 2018 – www.facebook.com/notes/a-better-fit-for-flemington-driver-runion-giles-mccormick/to-flemington-voters-a-final-note/497056504131293/

When I reflect back on these past several months I think about why I decided to run for local office in the first place. Like many out there, I increasingly saw political figures as beholden to the powers that perpetuate them rather than to the voters who elect them. I entered this race not for me but for you. I wanted to give to others something that I felt I had nearly lost: hope. Hope that there are still people out there willing to say what they mean and mean what they say. Our responsibility as candidates is to focus on issues and give voters a choice. I think Betsy, Caitlin, and myself have done that. Tomorrow it is your responsibility as voters to make that choice.

As a candidate, I want to thank those who welcomed me onto their porches and into their homes to learn from each other who we are and the town we want to become. We may not have always agreed but we nearly always left the better for it. Despite appearances on Facebook, Flemington is a welcoming, open-minded community; I should know after knocking on close to 2,000 doors in the borough. Politics, when done right, brings people together; it opens conversations rather than closes them; it broadens and refines one’s thinking rather than narrowing and dulling it. I thank you Flemington for what you have given me these past several months. It has been a privilege to hear your personal stories, address your concerns, and share with you our vision for this town’s history and its future.

That feeling I had nearly once lost as a voter I have regained as a candidate: hope. When you vote tomorrow I understand you will be doing so with a sense of hope and a sense of trust in the person you’re casting a ballot for. I hope that I have earned your trust over these last months. If elected, I promise I will not forget what is at the heart of that simple act you will take at the ballot box: hope and trust.

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