A Facebook note by Chris Runion, published October 9, 2018 – www.facebook.com/notes/a-better-fit-for-flemington-driver-runion-giles-mccormick/our-town-our-voice-our-vote/

Less than 3 weeks ago today, a special council meeting, noticed by only 48 hours, was held in borough hall. The mayor and three council people voted to cancel the regularly scheduled council meeting which would have afforded Flemington residents and concerned citizens the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns regarding the Courthouse Square financial agreement prior to tonight’s public hearing. While the mayor and three members of council are cancelling meetings for the public, the planning board is at the same time holding special meetings for the developer. It is clear that the intent is to pass this financial agreement before the November election and push the project through the planning board prior to newly elected officials taking office in January.

It is past time that the people of Flemington be given a voice. I have watched for months at council meetings as residents’ questions and concerns have either been dismissed entirely or gone unanswered. During that same time, I have been going door-to-door listening to those questions and concerns and a desire for adequate representation on the part of our public officials. This project will affect all of us. It will affect the residents of Spring Street with nearly 100-foot-tall walls erected in front of their homes. It will affect residents of Broad Street and neighboring streets with increased traffic patterns from a nearly 800 car parking garage. It will affect the substance and character of the second largest historic district in the state. And with particular regard to what is being voted on tonight, it will affect all of our wallets.

We can no longer be content with questions asked and left unanswered. This is why I am telling council and our mayor tonight to do their due diligence and table this vote. Doing so will not close any doors, in fact, it will open them. It will leave open the possibility for further negotiation, further analysis, and further transparency. It will allow newly elected officials the opportunity to represent the voters who elected them. And it will help avoid future lawsuits that could potentially slow down the redevelopment of our Main Street.

The people of Flemington deserve to have their voices heard. This is our town, our community, our families and neighbors. It is we who should decide its future. Table this vote and allow the people to decide on November 6th the future of Flemington.

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